What is Choreo U?

A Network that promotes unity & skill amongst High School Dancers, by way of Dance Education, Media Services, and Consulting.

Special Events

We conduct high-profile events that are rich in DANCE EDUCATION yet thought-provoking and inspiring for young dancers AND parents alike. We attract college coaches and 6-figure dance professionals to our events and they provide insight on not just dance elements but character development as well!


We conduct consultations with BAND DIRECTORS/advisors regarding development of their auxiliary programs, 1 on 1 with students/parents, & team settings. Certified Adolescent LIFE COACH on staff to assist with career planning, goal setting, organization, time management, character building, and basic life skills.

Media Services

We travel to events such as marching band and danceline competitions, skill set workshops, and mainstream media events to bring light to the DANCERS perspective…We conduct interviews backstage, sidelines, dressing rooms…we go where the media pass allows!

Dance Training

We seek to foster skill development and transformation in young dancers, further preparing them for collegiate programs! Whether one aspires to major in dance, perform with the dance theatre, or the dance team…We offer suitable training and a wealth of resources for the style of dance desired!

Mentor Spotlight

Dance Sisters of Atlanta program will launch Summer 2016!

Dance Sisters of Atlanta is composed of current and very recent alumni of your favorite collegiate dancelines. Each mentor will be paired with a high school dancer for a 6 month period to hold her accountable for goals that they will set together. Character building, organization, time management, etc. are just a few points that will be covered within the program. This mentorship program is very new, as a matter of fact the 16 selected are starting their training in basic life skills this month so that they can pass along this wealth of knowledge by Summer 2016. They'll be obtaining some certifications as well! Stay tuned for highlights on our impressive group of young ladies! College Mentors so far represent: Albany State University-Golden Passionettes Spelman College-Mahogany n Motion Alabama State University-Stingettes North Carolina A&T-Golden Delight Savannah State University-Sapphires Tennessee State University-Sophisticated Ladies Alabama A&M-Dancin Divas Talledega-Dega Diamonds South Carolina State-Champagne Tuskegee-Piperettes

Meet Our Partners

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Band Room Nation

Lynel Goodwin, CEO
Band Room Nation is an organization established to support and promote high school music programs across America. Our website (www.bandroomnation.com) is fast becoming the premier site for marching band enthusiasts.
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Music Greeks

Jeremiah Johnson, CEO
Music Greeks was created to commemorate and promote the existence of the seven national music organizations while building a powerful networking tool.

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